CAA Forensic Training Course
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Course Description

This CAA forensic training course provides the skills to effectively identify the difference between authentic vs. fraudulent identification documents, such as passports, driver's licenses, birth certificates, visas, national identification cards, military and US state ID cards.

The IRS CAA forensic training course can take several hours to complete, and then, after passing a 30 question quiz, you will be immediately provided an e-delivered certificate. Along with this e-delivered certificate you will also receive 2 physical certificates of completion delivered via USPS Priority Mail. The physical certificate is the one required to be mailed to the IRS ITIN Program Office with your 13551 ITIN CAA Application to participate in the IRS Acceptance Agent Program or renewal form. This CAA forensic document training online course and its certificate is accepted by the IRS for your new CAA Forensic Document Training Requirement.

**Alert: The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily halted the acceptance of applications and renewals for the Acceptance Agent program and plans to resume accepting applications to participate in the Acceptance Agent program in late 2023. Any applications submitted before this yet to be announced date will be refused. For more information including updates, visit

  • CAA Benefits

    Certifying Acceptance Agents are able to certify identity documents in-house for ITIN applications without having to physically submit these documents to the IRS. Forensic document training allows for expedited processing of ITIN applications as well as allowing your clients piece of mind not having to part with their passports, birth certificates, and other sensitive ID documents.

  • CAA Application Process

    The forensic document training course is one of several requirements for applying for CAA status with the IRS. Be sure to review the CAA application process in detail to make sure that you have completed all necessary steps before submitting your 13551 application.

    Steps to Become a CAA:
    1. Complete Forensic Document Training course. Receive certificates of completion by mail.
    2. Complete IRS ITIN Tax Law training. Print and sign last slide. IRS Acceptance Agent Training Slideshow
    3. Complete CAA application Form 13551: IRS form 13551 & Instructions
    4. Complete fingerprint cards (If not ERO, EA, CPA, Attorney, etc)
    5. Mail all items to:
    Internal Revenue Service
    3651 S. IH 35
    Stop 6380AUSC
    Austin, TX 78741

  • CAA Application Timeframe

    The IRS is now accepting CAA applications year round via form 13551. The typical timeframe for IRS CAA application review is approximately 60 days.

  • Course Completion Certificate

    The IRS requires that the official forensic document course certificate be mailed in with your 13551 (application or renewal request for the IRS’ Acceptance Agent Program). Printed electronic certificates will not be accepted. To expedite the process, you will be shipped 2 physical raised seal certificates of completion via USPS Priority mail with tracking to aid in getting your applications submitted timely.

  • FAQ about IRS temporary CAA shutdown

    Q: Is the IRS planning on continuing the CAA program?
    A: Yes, the IRS suspended the program in August of 2022 and the IRS has relayed their full intentions in reactivating the program after some improvements in administrative processing.

    Q: When is the CAA program going to become available again for new applicants and renewals?
    A: The IRS originally had a tentative re-start date of “Summer of 2023”. This projected start date has now been changed to “Late 2023” and the official date when the moratorium will be lifted has not yet been announced.

    Q: Will Forensic Document Training still be required for CAA applications and renewals?
    A: Yes, Certifying Acceptance Agents must complete Forensic Document Identification Training.

    Q: Will the Forensic Document Training course and/or content change after the CAA moratorium ends?
    A: The IRS has indicated that providers do not need to make any changes to existing Forensic Document Training course content.

    Q: What changes are the IRS making to the CAA program.
    A: The ITIN Program Office at the IRS has not officially released details on the extent of their overhaul of the CAA program, however, IRS has indicated they intend to convert the 13551 application and renewal process over to being electronic going forward. Fingerprinting (if applicable) will also be converted over to a digital process.

    Q: Where can I get more information about the CAA moratorium and the IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent program changes?
    A: The IRS has created a page dedicated to the changes to the CAA program:

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