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Federal Direct provides best in class continuing education options for practitioners in the tax preparation industry. Real world tax topics presented in plain English, by tax professionals! Breaking complex and confusing topics down so you not only learn their impact on your clients but training so you can set yourself apart from your competition as the sought out, go-to tax advisor! Taxes, preparation and representation at both the IRS and state levels can be intimidating; we want to help you be your best, know the relevant topics, and where to find the answers.

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  • UtPoIT - Finalizing the Return

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation Series" courses [+]

    - covers what happens when the return is complete. It will handle signature and recordkeeping requirements, filing deadlines, payments, payment arrangements, etc. for the TY2019 season and beyond, although pre-TY2019 law remains almost exactly the same.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Practice before the IRS

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the duties and responsibilities of practice before the IRS, as well as a 'how-to' description of the process when dealing with official IRS revenue agents, customer service staff, and others. We will clarify the distinction between full and limited representation, especially how it pertains in connection to the IRS' voluntary preparer program: The Annual Filing Season Program.[-]
  • Nuts and Bolts of Due Diligence

    In this course we will delve into the specifics of due diligence as it [+]

    relates to the completion of Form 8867 and IRS' enhanced focus on tackling due diligence issues among paid preparers. While some discussion will be had on the ethical connections to the Circular 230, this course will primarily focus on a broader look at the Form 8867 connection, highlighted with specific scenario examples and intensive discussion of interview processes and recordkeeping.[-]
  • Data Security for Your Tax Office

    In this course, we will discuss data security and how it pertains to your [+]

    clients' information. Everything from digital to physical security will be covered, in addition to rules and regulations on information sharing and disclosure requirements. Brief discussion will also cover common avenues for scams often connected to filing taxes.[-]
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  • Overall good training. For the price it is great training. I especially like the live webinars.

  • This Tax Course was very rewarding & helpful. Thank You

    Evelyn Hall
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