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Federal Direct provides best in class continuing education options for practitioners in the tax preparation industry. Real world tax topics presented in plain English, by tax professionals! Breaking complex and confusing topics down so you not only learn their impact on your clients but training so you can set yourself apart from your competition as the sought out, go-to tax advisor! Taxes, preparation and representation at both the IRS and state levels can be intimidating; we want to help you be your best, know the relevant topics, and where to find the answers.

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  • UtPoIT - Filing Statuses and Requirements

    This course - one in our "Understanding the Principals of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the various rules and exceptions to the rules in regards to the filing requirements and filing statuses for Form 1040 series returns. In addition to covering the basics of who needs to file and how they need to file; extra care will be given to the "exceptions to the rule" and what income/tax requirements may trigger a need to file versus when a return is not required. This topic will cover TY2020 tax law, but can be almost universally applied to any tax year currently under normal statutory limits.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Dependents

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover claiming dependents and will highlight the numerous effects of dependents on the return, from intersectionality with filing status to the numerous credits available. This course covers TY2020 law, with some discussion on prior year tax treatment.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Deductions

    This course - one in our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the various types of deductions; Above-the-line, below-the-line, and an explanation of standard and itemized deductions. While it touches on the concept, this webinar does not cover business expenses in depth. However, a clarification of terms and explanation will be part of the presentation in order to help practitioners understand and better explain the concept. This presentation is primarily aimed at TY2020 law topics, but some discussion of pre-TCJA TY2017 and earlier law is included.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Tax Credits

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the usage and application of varying types of tax credits as they apply on individual returns, with focus on the TY2020 season. While this does cover credits described in more detail in other modules of this series, it is far broader and also covers credits not explicitly related to dependency and/or education.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Self-Employment

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the fundamental principles of self-employment income for TY2020 and how it is reported primarily through the Schedule(s) C and F. Detailed discussion over self-employment tax and its attendant adjustments, recordkeeping, and more will help complete the practitioners' understanding.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Business Expenses

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will go over the treatment of business expenses, primarily outlined in IRS Publication 535, in regards to TY2020 law. This course will explain the difference between personal and business expenses, including their subsequent deductibility. While the specific focus is on the individual; the tenets of expense deductibility can apply in most cases to non-individual business returns (1065, 1120S, etc.) as well.[-]
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  • Overall good training. For the price it is great training. I especially like the live webinars.

  • This Tax Course was very rewarding & helpful. Thank You

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