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Federal Direct provides best-in-class tax continuing education options for practitioners in the tax preparation industry. Real world tax preparation education topics presented in plain English, by tax professionals! Breaking complex and confusing topics down so you not only learn their impact on your clients but training so you can set yourself apart from your competition as the sought out, go-to tax advisor! Taxes, tax preparation training, and representation at both the IRS and state levels can be intimidating; we want to help you be your best, know the relevant topics, and where to find the answers.

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  • Tax Law Updates - TY2024

    This course covers updates and changes to the tax law for the upcoming TY2024 [+]

    tax season as outlined mainly inside Rev. Procedure 2023-34. This will contain the bulk of inflationary figures and assorted updates and additions to tax law for TY2024 onwards. While the main body of content is for TY2024, some discussion of relevant tax law from earlier years will also be present.[-]
  • Tax Law Updates - SECURE Act 2.0 - TY2024

    This course covers updates to TY2024 and beyond, as introduced through the SECURE Act [+]

    2.0. This is intended to be an introductory course governing a broad overview with selective expansion on topics which apply primarily to individual taxpayers for TY2024 onwards and for provisions set to go into place during the year.[-]
  • Digestible Circular 230

    This course will cover Treasury Circular No. 230; The comprehensive guide to identifying who [+]

    can practice before the IRS and in what capacity. It will also cover how to operate with due diligence individually and for your firm as well as how to avoid practitioner penalties. We will also touch on how to properly maintain your license to practice. This lesson will break down the important topics covered in Circular 230 into easy to understandable language and use practical examples to make application of the topics relevant to you and your practice.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Basic Tax Overview

    This course - one of our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the fundamental principles of individual taxation, and to explain the concepts behind the structure of the tax system. This course covers explanations and clarifications of terms as well as an overview of the forms contained in the 1040 Series of returns. This will cover terms used throughout the history of the tax law to TY2024, as well as years prior. This course is mainly focused on TY2024 law, but the terminology applied is universal.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Deductions

    This course - one in our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the various types of deductions; Above-the-line, below-the-line, and an explanation of standard and itemized deductions. While it touches on the concept, this webinar does not cover business expenses in depth. However, a clarification of terms and explanation will be part of the presentation in order to help practitioners understand and better explain the concept. This presentation is primarily aimed at TY2024 law topics, but some discussion of pre-TCJA TY2017 and earlier law is included for historical reference and comparative analysis.[-]
  • UtPoIT - Income Explained

    This course - one in our "Understanding the Principles of Individual Taxation" series - [+]

    will cover the explanation and taxability of income in individual tax returns as they apply to TY2024. Special emphasis will be placed on taxable and nontaxable income categories as well as explanations of differing tax requirements with all types of income.[-]
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  • Overall good training. For the price it is great training. I especially like the live webinars.

  • This Tax Course was very rewarding & helpful. Thank You

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