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IRS Annual Filling Season Program

Course Description

The IRS recently introduced a new voluntary program targeting tax preparers who are not credentialed, like Enrolled Agents or CPAs. This program is called the Annual Filing Season Program. Upon completion of the program requirements; tax preparers are granted a Record of Completion for public display and are labeled with this level of competency and professional suitability on the IRS' website in the Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications.

For more Details on The Annual Filing Season Program click here AFSP More Info

Tax Prep 101

Course Description

The Tax Prep 101 course provides a comprehensive learning package for the foundational concepts of individual tax preparation. Common tax topics are broken down into plain language that is easy for beginners to understand and absorb. Learning modules are delivered both live and pre-recorded so you can learn on your schedule. Online access is available 24/7/365. Some topics include: income reporting, dependents, healthcare and health insurance responsibilities, an introduction to ethical considerations and expanded tax preparer due diligence requirements, as well as walk through examples of form 1040 preparation. Students taking the Tax Prep 101 course will have access to additional quiz questions for each topic, over and above what traditional course attendees who are more focused on obtaining IRS continuing education credits versus absorbing new content. Students will also have live access to instructors and content developers of the educational content to help with any additional questions or to provide clarification when needed.

For more Details on Tax Prep 101 Program click here Tax Prep 101 More Info

Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)

PTIN Application Process

Anyone preparing or helping prepare federal tax returns for compensation must have a valid Preparers Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

PTIN applications and renewals for coming tax seasons become available through the IRS website traditionally in the middle to the end of October. Be aware and cautious that PTINs are issued and valid for a calendar year and expire annually on December 31st.

General requirements for obtaining a PTIN are that an individual must have a Social Security Number and must have filed their own personal tax returns in at least one of the prior two (2) preceding years. The newly reduced fee established for annual PTIN renewal for 2024 is $19.75.

The IRS created and maintains an online account for PTIN holders. You can create an account or log into an existing account by visiting the IRS website at https://rpr.irs.gov/datamart/login.do We highly suggest registering and/or renewing your PTIN via the IRS's website, but if you prefer they do offer a paper application option. This application/renewal option will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process and is done via completing and submitting via mail form W-12, https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw12.pdf

Enrolled Agents

Course Description

Enrolled Agents are known as America's Tax Experts. They hold the special Federal licensing ability to practice and represent taxpayers throughout the entire United States. Enrolled Agents have the ability to appear before the IRS for taxpayers. Other professionals with this ability are CPAs and Attorneys.

To become an Enrolled Agent you must take and pass a 3 part exam consisting of general individual tax topics, ethics, and Business/Corporate taxation. Upon passing these exams you are then subject to a background check by the IRS before
your license is granted by the Department of the Treasury.

For Enrolled Agents to maintain their status they must complete 72 hours of continuing education every 3 year period, with a minimum of 16 hours being obtained in any given year. Enrolled Agents activities are governed by the Department of the Treasury'tars Cricular 230, identifying Ethical standards, Code of Conduct guidelines, and other operational standards.

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